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FINAL: Romney Wins Washington State Presidential Straw Poll, Paul Grabs Second Place

It’s official. Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney is the winner of Washington State’s Republican presidential straw poll, a 13-point victory that does not award any of the Evergreen State’s 43 delegates, but that could send a strong psychological message to Super Tuesday’s voters.

Despite making two campaign swings through Washington, Santorum’s third-place finish behind Paul represents a major backslide from his recent lead in polls. His future in the race now depends more than ever on a strong performance in socially conservative Midwest states, but Romney’s five-state win streak seems to be creating momentum.

The first Rasmussen poll on the Tennessee primary was released today and now shows Santorum with a 4-point lead over Romney, while previous polls had shown him with a high double-digit lead. Rasmussen also finds Santorum with a slim 2-point advantage in the Ohio primary, a remarkable drop over the past two weeks from an 18-point lead.

The final count as reported by the Washington State Republican Party is as follows:

Candidate Votes Percentage
Mitt Romney 19,111 37.65%
Ron Paul 12,594 24.81%
Rick Santorum 12,089 23.81%
Newt Gingrich 5,221 10.28%
Undecided/Other 1,749 3.44%

Those results were released last night at close to 11:00 p.m., coming after county party officials and volunteers across the state spent a long day collating, reconciling, and counting the votes of more than 50,000 Republicans.

State Republican Party Chair Kirby Wilbur made the follow statement about the results:

“I am excited with the record turnout of Republican voters to the caucus. I predicted around 50,000 people would attend the caucus and we had 50,764 vote in the straw poll.

“Not only were these attendees excited to have a voice in the Republican nomination process, but they were sending a clear message that President Obama’s lack of economic recovery and disregard of the impact that his extremely high gas prices has on the average Washington working family, or non-working family because of his failed economic policies, will not be tolerated.”


Washington Straw Poll Update: Romney Holding Lead, Paul and Santorum Jockey for Second

A new set of numbers was released at WSRP headquarters and a larger lead for Mitt Romney in Washington State’s presidential straw poll.

With 28 counties fully reported and partial counts beginning to trickle in from King and Pierce Counties, Romney’s total has jumped to 37.21%, and Paul and Santorum are jockeying in a very tight race for second 13 points behind the frontrunner. Gingrich continues to bring up the rear with 11.39%.

In early counting, Santorum held a razor-thin edge over Paul, but now Paul holds a narrow advantage with 24.08% compared to Santorum’s 23.87%.

In King County, the 1st, 31st, 47th and 48th legislative districts came in at 64% for Romney, a very strong showing, but one that could be balanced by votes from Seattle precincts that many feel are more likely to support a candidate like Paul because of his libertarian positions on foreign affairs and drug policy.

Still, there are very few votes in from Pierce, plenty more to count in King County, and Spokane County has yet to report any numbers.


Updated: First Results from Washington State Caucus Have Romney in Early Lead

BELLEVUE — Former governor and Republican candidate for president Mitt Romney has a healthy early lead in the straw poll taken at caucuses held across Washington State Saturday, according to a count just released by the Washington State Republican Party.

So far, with 15 counties reporting, Romney has 31.53% of all votes. Congressman Ron Paul is in second with 26.90%, with former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum close behind at 24.38%. Former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich trails all others with 12.87%.


UPDATE (4:43 p.m.): New numbers just given to me by the Washington State Republican Party now show Romney extending his lead and taking 36.34% of votes counted. The new counts are as follows:

Romney      36.34%
Santorum   24.46%
Paul              24.14%
Gingrich     11.87%
Undecided 3.14%
Other            0

Those figures represent the counts of 23 counties, but does not yet include counts from the most populous counties in the state–Spokane, King, Snohomish and Pierce–according to State Party Chair Kirby Wilbur. The chairman has said he expects those counts to come in within the hour.


UPDATE (5:00 p.m.): Further analysis of the numbers show a remarkable turnout with more than 17,000 votes already tallied in the presidential straw poll.

Though Romney currently has a strong advantage, that could evaporate when the larger counties turn in their votes. The Ron Paul campaign has been extremely active in King and Snohomish counties, particularly in engaging younger voters, held two rallies in Western Washington, and two east of the Cascades, appearances that have the potential to pay big dividends.





Therapy for Obama’s Falling Poll Numbers: Reach for the Stars

Did you guys see this Bloomberg poll showing that only 30% of Americans are willing to re-elect Obama? Or what about this one showing Americans’ lack of confidence in Obama’s handling of the economy? What about his disapproval numbers?

Don’t you dare fall for the trap that many conservatives will fall for. Many on our side are likely feeling a rush of excitement…tasting victory in 2012. After all, this one is in the bag, right? People are finally seeing through the charade created by the phantom menace news media, right? Not so fast.

We must never underestimate President Obama’s volunteer “grass-tops” activists in the media. That’s right, I said, “grass-tops.” In contrast to the grassroots movements like the Tea Party, made up of boots-on-the-ground citizen volunteers motivated by constitutional principles to bring more accountability to government, the “grasstops” activists are paid media outlets who have their very credibility on the line if Obama fails in his re-election bid. They are motivated by what they see as a morally superior vision for the country. They see themselves as protecting America from the unsophisticated masses who still cling to their guns and religion.

Using their professional access to mass media, let’s watch how they kick into gear in the coming months, as more and more polls show that Americans are no longer willing to drink the Obama-as-the-Saviour koolaid. Their desperation will show itself.

I can see a MAD TV skit depicting this: In the famous war room of the White House, Dave Axelrod is organizing the President’s chief strategy team. He’s on a conference call with an unconfirmed cadre of supporters. Axelrod unwittingly identifies them as he delegates duties: “OK folks, it’s time to scramble the President’s PR team: Reuters, AP, MSNBC and CBS… we need Presidential hero stories, ASAP. Get the President camping with his kids and make sure you’re there to film him dragging somebody out of the river and performing CPR. ABC, 60 Minutes, NY Times: you need to start interviewing Bachman’s foster children and find one who’s willing to sell her out as a Leona Helmsley type foster mom. While you’re at it, see if you can get Hollywood to do a TV movie or docudrama about those crazy Mormon beliefs about the traditional, homophobic family….then make sure to run a Mitt Romney: “I’m a Mormon first,” kind of feature in Time mag. Questions? People…failure is not option. Now get to work!” Click.

Don’t laugh–it could happen. While we continue to get laughed at for recognizing the truth about President Obama: namely that his career is completely a media created phenomenon, the facts speak for themselves. What other politician could vault from obscurity to the U.S. Presidency in such a short time with so little vetting? He served a mere two years in the Senate, much of it served while on the Presidential campaign trail, with no significant legislation to his name, no private sector experience, and no executive or leadership positions. He has no military experience. His most successful ventures were the books he wrote about his favorite subject, himself. And for some inexplicable reason, the media continues to hunt down and harass not his former opponent, John McCain, but his former opponent’s running mate for Vice-President. They have an insatiable appetite for Sarah Palin and yet absolutely NO curiosity, interest or motivation to keep tabs on the most powerful person in the world.

It’s stunning that more Americans can’t see this fabricated Presidency for what it is. It’s disheartening that the mass media has voluntarily participated in this public relations project, abandoning the spirit of the First Amendment, intended to keep politicians and our government accountable to the citizens.

Now that polls are revealing the failure of this concentrated media effort to maintain a clear majority of American support for the President, I cannot imagine that they will sit silently and allow their ideological messiah to suffer his just rewards. Who cares about the litany of failed foreign and domestic policy decisions, his amateur leadership style, self-indulgent lifestyle and complete abdication of accountability? Without a second term, Ameria will never get to be as cool as Europe!

Remember all those Hollywood movies during the Clinton years that featured heartwarming and courageous stories about fictional American President characters? Harrison Ford in “Air Force One,” Kevin Kline in “Dave” and then of course Martin Sheen’s TV Presidency in “West Wing” were all romantic, dashing and thoughtful depictions of the man in the Oval Office. I would expect to start seeing some of these hero movies again soon.

Just watch in the coming months as they dig up what they think will scare the American people away from choosing a new direction in 2012. Expect to see a parade of victims claiming Paul Ryan’s plan will prevent their blind children from seeing again or a trail of “aggrieved” former employees, foster children, or neglected puppies wailing from their hovels and makeshift tents under bridges, blaming one or all of the GOP candidates for their harsh and “unAmerican” values. Remember the “epidemic” of homelessness under Reagan? Homeless vets under Bush?

Get ready for the ride. We in the blogosphere need to double down in our own counter-efforts. It’s not the era of Bill Clinton anymore. It’s the era of Drudge, Fox News, and Breitbart. Very well, then. Bring it on.


[Reprinted from RedCounty.com with permission of author.]

[photo credit: flickr]

In Support of a Huntsman Nomination

Today, Jon Huntsman, the former governor of Utah, US envoy to China, and well-traveled Mormon missionary, will officially declare his candidacy for President after months of “will he, won’t he” speculation stretching from Washington, D.C. to Beijing, China. Long before his announcement today, a possible Huntsman candidacy has gained plenty of traction – and plenty of detractors.

The first talking point against Mr. Huntsman – and it will come, mostly, from the right – is his service as Ambassador to China in the Obama Administration, a position he resigned from in April. Yesterday, The Hill reported John Bolton as the most recent critic on the right.

Mr. Huntsman accepted the China post because he’s a perfect fit. He’s an international business man. He’s an international traveler. He speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese. He’s competent and he’s capable. The Chinese and ex-pats in China looked forward to his appointment and, once in his position, he did an exemplary job of supporting U.S. business in China, propagating the importance of revised policy positions in China (Intellectual Property Rights, Human Rights) and strengthening and developing the kind of cultural, political, and business ties that will prove invaluable as the world’s largest economies continue to adapt in the 21st century. In short, he served his country because he was the best man for the job.

And in case it matters, he also served in the Reagan Administration and both Bush Administration’s (although, I’m sure that may slip under the radar of the ‘What Have You Done For Me Lately?’ ideologues).

Mr. Huntsman’s defense of the so-called Ryan Budget in the Wall Street Journal was interesting for two reasons. First, he obviously understands the complexity of the federal budget, unsustainable entitlement programs, and the necessity of the next Republican nominee for President to take a hard stand on fiscal issues. Second, he understands the power of symbolism. Notice the title of the piece. It’s an obvious nod to Ronald Reagan’s speech in Los Angeles in 1964. And if you believe that’s just a coincidence, consider this: his announcement today in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty is the same spot Mr. Reagan kicked off his first presidential campaign in 1980. And, like Reagan, the Right of his party does not like some of his positions: he’s a longtime advocate of civil unions, he’s a leader on the issue of comprehensive immigration reform, and his ideas on health care and health care reform are unsettling to some. There’s no doubt, though, that Mr. Reagan’s “80-20 Rule” applies to Mr. Huntsman.

He’s smart and articulate. He’s ambitious and entrepreneurial. He’s a leader and a statesman. And, most importantly, he’s electable – and he can outspend almost anyone. Jon Huntsman was an extraordinarily popular governor and ambassador. He should be the Republican nominee for 2012.


[Views expressed here are those of the author and are not to be construed as an endorsement of a political candidate by The NW Daily Marker.]

[featured photo credit: White House photo used under Creative Commons license; post image credit: DonkeyHotey]

Herman Cain Tops Washington State GOP Straw Poll

A political outsider with business skills emerged as the crowd favorite in a Republican straw poll in the West, but it isn’t the mouth from Manhattan that took the prize.

Herman Cain, political activist and former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, edged ahead of an open field of challengers in a poll conducted among attendees of the Washington State Republican Party’s spring dinner and auction in Bellevue, Wash. last Friday night.

Perhaps boosted by a strong performance in last week’s debate held in South Carolina, businessman and presidential hopeful Herman Cain won the poll by a slight margin over the field of declared and undeclared competitors for the Republican Party’s 2012 nomination.

According to the results released Monday afternoon, among 357 voters, Cain received 54 votes amounting to a little more than 15 percent of the total ballots cast, but surmounting former governor Mitt Romney’s 52 votes and Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels’ 51 votes.

Though making a large splash in recent weeks, megabucks tycoon Donald Trump only nabbed 10 votes, possibly a sign that his appeal with party regulars in Washington state is weak.

Former governor Mike Huckabee, a front-runner in most national polls, also polled low, garnering a scant 14 votes. Huckabee’s questionable pardon of notorious four-time cop-killer Maurice Clemmons could certainly have played a part in suppressing enthusiasm among the law-and-order right in Western Washington for his candidacy.

In a statement released with the tally, Washington State GOP Chairman Kirby Wilbur mused on why Cain may have grabbed a plurality of votes.

“The close results demonstrate that the Republican Party does not have a clear frontrunner,” Wilbur stated.

“Herman Cain has been doing an excellent job getting his name out among Republican voters and his style appeals to many people. As the process moves forward and more individuals enter the race, it will be interesting to see how the perception of the various candidates changes.”

Candidates, there are healthy doses of truth and medicine in Wilbur’s statement.

The complete results of the WSRP straw poll are:

Name Vote Total Percentage
Herman Cain 54 15.13%
Mitt Romney 52 14.57%
Mitch Daniels 51 14.29%
Chris Christie 39 10.92%
Tim Pawlenty 28 7.84%
Paul Ryan 22 6.16%
Newt Gingrich 14 3.92%
Rudy Giuliani 12 3.36%
Mike Huckabee 14 3.92%
Ron Paul 10 2.80%
Donald Trump 10 2.80%
Michele Bachmann 9 2.52%
Jeb Bush 8 2.24%
Sarah Palin 8 2.24%
Rick Santorum 7 1.96%
Bobby Jindal 6 1.68%
Jon Huntsman 4 1.12%
Other 9 2.52%
357 100.00%

The poll is not scientific and does not report any margin of error.


flickr photo content: Gage Skidmore

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