J.Z. Knight’s Ramtha School Runs Full-Page Ad in Sunday Seattle Times Touting Group’s Gambling Hot Streak

WP_20130407_002The Washington State Lottery gained a 35,000-year-old Egyptian warrior as its newest unofficial (and uninvited) spokesperson over the weekend when the Washington state-based spiritual organization Ramtha School of Enlightenment led by the self-proclaimed channeler J.Z. Knight ran a full-page ad in the Sunday edition of The Seattle Times with the claim that “Ramtha School students win big money at lotteries and casinos.”

The full-color full-page ad appeared near the end of the newspaper’s front section, just a turn of the page from the popular editorial and opinion pages.

“RSE teaches that luck is an illusion,” the ad copy reads. “The unusual frequency of winnings shows these occurrences are not luck.”

If the name of J.Z. Knight is familiar to our readers it may be because of a series of stories we published last October after videos surfaced showing Knight making slurs and bigoted remarks about Catholics, Mexicans, gays and even organic farmers.

“F— you, you Catholics!” Knight bellowed in one video clip and another clip documented Knight saying, “All Mexicans are not worthy of conscious thought.”

Knight responded in part by claiming that the statements were not hers but were, in fact, comments made by her transdimensional pal Ramtha, the aforementioned Egyptian spirit who Knight claims speaks through her to deliver his wisdom to “students” of the Ramtha School of Enlightenment headquartered in Yelm, Wash.

The release of the videos (since removed from YouTube due to copyright claims by Knight’s corporate entity) created a significant media attention when research revealed that Knight and the RSE had made substantial donations to the Washington State Democratic Party, to Democratic candidates for state office, and to Pres. Barack Obama’s re-election campaign.

So, since Knight’s gambling on politics paid off, why not move on to conquer the lottery as well? That is evidently where the RSEs advertisement comes in to help readers reach a conclusion so obvious it’s going to knock you off your chariot: Knight’s ancient North African warlord is also able to teach you to beat the lottery at its own game.

By stitching together a smattering of anecdotes and pictures – one photo is of a couple holding an oversized $50,000 Washington State Lottery winnings check – to tell the story of how RSE “students” are enjoying “an exceptional streak of fortune by cashing lottery tickets and casino winnings of $10,000 or more each.”

The subtext of the ad, of course, is a not-so-subtle call to action for desperate souls to make the pilgrimage to Yelm, fork over thousands of dollars for the privilege of hearing Knight perform bad astral ventriloquism.

At Knight’s RSE, the house always wins.

Update: A spokesperson from the Washington State Lottery told us that to their knowledge neither the use of the Washington State Lottery logo nor the implication that RSE teachings enhance a person’s chances of winning are violations of state law. State Lottery Director of External Affairs Arlen Harris cautioned, however, that “Washington’s Lottery does not endorse the claims of JZ Knight nor has the lottery promoted RSE in our marketing plan.”


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  1. Prophet Atlantis

    I’ve never attended the School. I have friends in the movement and friends in other movements and activities. The lottery is created in mind with the House or Government winning. I’ve been involved and advised think-and-grow-rich groups, psychic groups, new age and alternative organizations for many decades. People will do and believe and follow the most outrageous or unusually regimes and procedures to fit in, be seen as sexy and attractive and powerful, to get things they normally couldn’t get in regular life.

    It’s all fun and games till someone gambles to the point of losing their job, savings, home, spouse or gets beaten up by debt collectors, or commits crimes to fund their habit.
    —- Prophet Atlantis of Olympia, WA ——

  2. Din Wilkie

    Mr. Bryan Myrick doesn’t have a clue about something called truth. Everything in his article in inaccurate. I suspect he has never been to an RSE event or he wouldn’t be writing this baloney. There are hundreds of Mexican students in the student body coming from all parts of Mexico. Ramtha has events in various parts of Mexico. Ramtha wasn’t Egyptian. His mother was Lemurian and his father was Atlatian. The student’s frequency of winning lotteries and winning at casinos is true and it is done through focus. Something Mr. Myrick isn’t familiar with when he writes articles like this. Archie Bunker used the name” Meathead” on occasion and it certainly applies to Mr. Myrick. Din Wilkie

    • Mr. Din Wit,
      Three commentators on here including myself are all ex cult members from RSE and Bryan Myrick’s article it right on. You are brainwashed. There are still Mexicans there because they are brainwashed and elitist who do not identify with the plight of the average Mexican and don’t mind apparently being apart of the disparaging and disgusting comments. If you were not brainwashed you would be sickened and appalled as well. We will be here for you when you wake up. By the way, I love how you guys argue about which fake city her trademarked character is actually from. Let me tell you where he is from, a trailer park in Tacoma where your charlatan ” channel” first created him…the date of this holy day has been represented differently in every interview of Knight. How do you know when Knight is lying? Her lips are moving.

  3. Michael Knight

    I’m not related to JZ Knight, but as a journalist myself (since 1960) and an RSE student since 1988, and as one of literally hundreds of recent winners around the world, I am appalled at the ignorance and lack of professionalism in this snide opinion piece. It is yet another example of the media’s ongoing narrow-minded vilification of RSE, JZ Knight, and tens of thousands of genuine students who have benefited in many ways – most recently by applying what we’ve been taught about the latent power of the mind in order to make thousands of dollars. And you have a problem with that? Perhaps that’s because it negates everything the media has ever said about RSE being nothing but a moneymaking enterprise. Go figure – and next time, do some fundamental journalistic research (like starting here http://www.rse-newsletter.com/2013/04/primary-retreat-april-6-14-2013-lottocasino-winners/) before you (and the rest of the media) run off at the mouth with this sort of ignorant facile reporting (and it’s not even worthy of that appellation).

    • Michael, did you actually cite the RSE Newsletter as a place to do journalistic research? There was nothing ignorant about this report. Cite one untrue thing in this report. If you can use your mind to win the lotto why can’t JZ use hers to stop the press? Hmmmmm

    • Jason Brubaker

      Well said and well written Michael.

      WA Lotto poster on-display in JZ-Rose: http://www.rse-newsletter.com/2013/04/wa-lotto-notes-yelms-jz-rose-wins/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

      • I don’t get it. The WA State Lotto has said the more people who play the more who win and there is NO increase in percentages for RSE. Why can’t you guys get it? Why do you keep posting a RSE Newsletter propaganda piece as if its real news? Are you really that far gone? I think this is very sad. How do you guys pay JZ Knight over 1,000 dollars for an event where they then ship you to the casino the whole time. Isn’t that an expensive valet? So percentages say you would financially make out better if you just went to the casino. C & E (otherwise known as cash for evolution) does not raise your percentages. Geez. Its so frustrating for those of us who broke free of this cult to see our former brainwashed selves talking. Save your money guys. JZ laughs at you from up at the house. Really.

    • derek

      Mr. Knight,You are a fool that believes your own delusions. Why don’t you do some fundamental THINKING with your brain that’s brainwashed with nonsense. You will never find fundamental spirituality.as long as you are filling your brain with greed and your pockets with cash.

  4. Jason Brubaker

    It’s 35,000 year old Lemurian Warrior not Egyptian. Also, ask someone to proof read for you.

    • yes class please point out Lemuria on the map. Oh its not there. Well it was 35,000 years ago, I mean there must be evidence of a civilization that was large enough to have 2 million people in one army. eye roll.

      • Jason Brubaker

        It’s just a poorly written and researched “article,” with an obvious slant against RSE. Pointing Lemuria out on a modern map is a moot point because it doesn’t exist anymore. The point is that an article loses some credibility when it gets the facts wrong. I don’t know that Ramtha is ever referred to as an Egyptian or being from North Africa.
        So, does he not exist and he’s from Egypt?

        • Jason, the point is none of the crap JZ Knight spews are “facts”. It makes no difference if the author thought her made up character “Ramtha” was from Atlantis or Lemuria, or my daughters made up planet Dax. I mean do you not see how crazy it is to think the man didn’t do his research because he didn’t report the lies accurately? Most rational people heard enough at rich women bilks millions claiming she is channeling. I mean do they really need to keep digging to get to the truth? What truth? JZ says she channeled Jesus in one court and then said she didn’t in another court (she said it was an acting thing). One of a million lies, failed predictions, sick bigoted comments. How do you keep justifying this over and over? As far as a “slant” against RSE the only reporters that are slanting are the ones that dance around this issue to keep receiving full page ads from JZ Knight. They all know what she is. Reporters are supposed to report the TRUTH, not some scam artists lies, that would be irresponsible. Knight steals all this money from decent people and when all else fails sends them to her lotto machine where she hopes to make a percentage of the winnings and promote a couple of winners to lure more unsuspecting ninnies in. Luckily the world out here are not as gullible as we were. They KNOW she is full of it. One day I really hope you reach out to the people who have gotten out. http://www.enlightenmefree.com is open to the public and you don’t have to log in to read. All the lies are right there. Best of luck to you.

  5. Sarah Woodruff

    THANK YOU BRYAN!! This is such a great article. Thank you for writing it in such an honest way. This woman, JZ Knight, has had, in my opinion, far too much decent press in the last 20 years. I cannot tell you how refreshing it is to read this piece, with all it’s awesome common sense and truth being called as it is seen. I too pray that JZ cannot buy others common sense as her cult has gone on long enough. Thanks again!

  6. Thank you so much Bryan for reminding your readers why JZ Knight is trying so hard to rehabilitate herself, during this latest p.r. campaign and sham we worry more unsuspecting people could get trapped in her cult. She just keeps hanging herself with this nonsense. Appreciate the article. She can buy full page ads and radio spots but not people’s common sense (we pray).

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