Your Concealed Pistol License Info is Private Now, But That Could Change

State Panel to Consider Possible Lifting of Public Disclosure Exemption for Gun License Applications

While Democrats in the Washington state House are being whipped into a full lather by Gov. Jay Inslee and even national luminaries pushing a gun control agenda to pass a sweeping new requirement for universal background checks for all gun purchases, there’s another relevant issue on the agenda of an unelected committee next week that deserves some mention in the debate.

On Mar. 19, the Sunshine Committee – a 12-member panel within the office of Washington state’s Attorney General – is scheduled to review the current exemption for licenses to carry and conceal pistols.

There is legitimate worry that if the Legislature passes a bill to require universal background checks and the exemption is lifted, the private information of law-abiding gun owners could be easily obtained including addresses, employment history, even medical records that are researched prior to permit issuance.

We inquired by email Monday with the Attorney General’s Office about what prompted placing the concealed pistol permit exemption on next week’s agenda but did not receive a reply.

The Sunshine Committee was formed to review exemptions from the state public disclosure laws and was created by a law proposed to the Legislature by former Attorney General Rob McKenna.


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  1. Rick

    What some people think is logical seems to have a few holes in it. Making public the information on permit holders will only make that small part of the whole population of people who can legally own a gun. Better to list the people who cannot legally own them. Far fewer than those who can.

  2. I. Voter

    I don’t want to be hassled or singled out for extra scrutiny for having a permit. Why not list the names of homosexuals while you’re at it? Oh, that’s right, the Homocrats “protect” them. But the Islamics surely won’t.

    • Deb

      You obviously would not be able to pass a background check because I am guessing you are either a criminal or mentally unfit to own a gun by the comment you left behind and so this law would hurt you. Next time you might want to think before speaking instead of making your low intelligence level known by your biggotted and racist and homophobic comments are written down to let us all know you should not have a gun because like I said above you are either a criminal or mentally unfit and there for is illegal for you to own a gun.

  3. What good could possibly come from this?

    • Deb

      Well for one you would know if you are selling to a criminal or not just like when you go get a nice job they do a background check on you to make sure your not a criminal but the bad jobs dont do background checks and so you know they employ criminals. It would be like that if someone is law abiding then how in the world would them being abiding by the law hurt them since they are claiming to be law abiding citizens. Shouldn’t law abiding citizens who legally own guns want to know and make sure the person they are selling to also can legally own the gun and is not a criminal buying from them? Also all this information they are talking about is already available via public record at the court house I can look up nearly anyone I want and do a background check on them just like you do for a job already. So the real question is do gun owners who sell their private guns want to actually claim they are law abiding without knowing if they are selling to a criminal or not or do they actually want to be law abiding and do the background checks to make sure they are not selling a weapon to someone who can not own one. Also look at the comment from I. Voter who leaves behind a bigotted racist and homophobic comment do you really think that type of person should even own a gun and could even pass a background check?

      • Deb

        Also this law is just stopping the loophole in the law right now that does not require background checks by private sellers so criminals are able to obtain weapons by buying them at gunshows and from private sellers who market themselfs not having to do background checks or register the weapon making it harder to find out who did a crime when there is no owner to the weapon used because it was sold by a private seller. So this law will only hurt criminals not people who follow the law and are law abiding because a law abiding person abides by the law and has nothing to worry about because they would still be able to buy and sell weapons without worrying about anything because they are law abiding but this will hurt criminals who will no longer be able to use the loophole to buy guns.

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