John Carlson Moving to KVI-AM As Station Returns to Conservative Talk Roots

Seattle radio station KVI 570 AM will switch back to conservative talk radio beginning Sept. 4, according to chatter observed among Seattle’s media community.

Fans of past Republican candidate for governor and current KOMO Newsradio AM host John Carlson will be excited to know that his homegrown conservative insights will anchor KVI’s morning drive from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m. beginning Sept. 4. Carlson will leave his KOMO spot to join the KVI on-air team.

Fisher Communications owns both KOMO and KVI.

Carlson previously hosted on KVI in the 1990s when the station was nationally recognized in the 1990s as a leader in the conservative talk format.

According to Kathy Neukirchen, president of media communications firm MediaPlus+, the decision to go back to the station’s conservative roots was made easier by the fact that has a lot to do with KVI’s listeners never quite losing that lovin’ feeling:

Results from a recent research study show that although KVI has been away from conservative talk for nearly 2 years, that people still identify with the station as being that and maintains a very loyal following.

Neukirchen confirmed with us by email that by the end of September, KVI’s weekday programming line-up will include the following:

5a-9a:  John Carlson
9a-12n:  Laura Ingraham
12n-3p:  The Schnitt Show
3p-6p:  Mark Levin
6p-9p:  Lars Larson
9p-11p:  Michael Savage
11p-3a:  Red Eye Radio
3a-5a:  Imus




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  1. Larry Hardy

    Are you going to put out your suggested list of people, judges and prop. to vote on?
    Is it possible to send me a link or email of the list.

  2. Matt Richardson

    On Trump

    This is a research report on the political beliefs of Donald Trump
    for anyone wondering what part of the political spectrum he represents.

    First, Trump says his greatest role models in American political history are Teddy Roosevelt and Douglas MacArthur.

    Teddy Roosevelt’s main political beliefs were new nationalism which was pro work or welfare and property rights. He also believes that the only way a president can be effective is if he is successful in defending individual rights. Namely, Americans first, and a temporary hold on immigration from certain countries engaged in supporting or propagating terrorist activities is not discrimination. Many countries do it and we have done in our past.

    Roosevelt was a progressive Republican which was official name of of the bull moose party in 1912.

    The Bullmoose party split from the Republican Party when Howard Taft did not continue Roosevelts priorities after Roosevelt ran one term and left office after keeping a campaign pledge that he would only serve one term as president. But after four years of Taft, and after failing to get the nomination of Republican Party from the incumbent Taft, Roosevelt resigned from the party and formed the progressive Republican party- later to become The Bullmoose party. And it was at this 1912 convention that the first women were allowed to be delegates from any major party in US history.

    Douglas MacArthur was anti-pacifist, anti-communist, pro military, pro intervention against Americas most dangerous enemies, especially when those enemies acted aggressively. He was also an early military aide to President Roosevelt in 1906.

    The party influences on Donald trump can be found in five past and more recent political parties. These are the Reform Party, the Independence party, the Bullmoose party, the Constitution party, and the Republican Party.

    As we know the Republican Party was founded in 1854 as a anti-slavery pro union party whose first presidential candidate was Abraham Lincoln. The Bullmoose party, or the progressive Republican party of 1912, has already been discussed above. But the others all have their start with either Ross Perot or Pat Buchanan in the early and mid-1990s. So there is an independent and libertarian streak to this as well. The highlights from these parties are as follows.

    Reform party
    Economic security, and free trade, end corporate subsidy and outsourcing, freeze immigration if necessary, and reform party primary and electoral systems.

    Independence party
    Business minded, avoid moral wedge issues, socially moderate, balanced budget, and less government in private sector.

    Bullmoose party
    Anti-cronyism and stop all business/political corruption, campaign contributions are bribery not free speech, and improve conditions for US workers.

    Constitution party
    Pro-life, pro-gun, pro US sovereignty, seal the borders and improve their security, return power to the states and end foreign aid.

    Republican Party
    Pro military, pro-business, reduce taxes, fight terrorism, protect the homeland.

    In conclusion, Donald Trump is from all over the Republican tent and might best be described as a social moderate and a foreign-policy hawk. They idea that this is just a party of Reagan and Lincoln is false.
    There are many others that represent different parts of the Republican tent- like Roosevelt.

    Lincoln was a maverick who’s nomination was met with the secession of 13 states from the union and began the Civil war. Ronald Reagan was a Democrat for 30 years before he migrated and/or the Democrat party left him, becoming a Republican who was even opposed by the Republican Party when he ran in 1979 and 80.

    There is also a protectionist and nationalist tendency in his beliefs that tend to be based in protecting common US citizen as the first priority. If you want to get an idea of what kind of person Roosevelt was look to his speeches and video of how he was during his campaign and as president, and you won’t be so shocked by Trump anymore.

    Hope the summary helps and happy voting. #never Hillary, vote Trump, thanks Obama.

    Matthew Richardson
    Former congressional staffer, convention delegate, and professor of philosophy and ethics for the United States Navy.

  3. Peggy Rohrer

    Congratulations to KVI and especially to John Carlson. We have missed his conservative opinion sorely. I do believe that KVI will now regain the listeners they lost when they changed from a talk show format. Happy Days are here again!

    • You challenge him, expose him, debunk him and defeat him.Yup. And one of the most powerful wingnut weapons is their ability to hoodwink the mainstream media into characterizing challenge, exposure, debunking, and defeat of wingnut lies, extremism, and assholishness as "shrill", "uncivil", and the like.

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