McMorris Rodgers VP Buzz Getting Louder

Speculation earlier this month that Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R, WA-5) could be on the short list of possible Republican vice presidential candidates seems more prescient, following a Sunday mention on Fox News and a high position in revised VP rankings posted Saturday on a popular election blog

McMorris Rodgers—the highest ranking Republican woman in Congress—turned up at #6 in power rankings for the Republican vice presidential nomination published at Race 4 2012, behind a quintet of household names that includes Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

When McMorris Rodgers was asked on Fox & Friends Sunday morning whether she would accept a VP nomination if it was offered to her, she said, “It’s way too early for all that.”

Is it too early? Perhaps not.

If none of the four Republican candidates are able to take a commanding lead in the primary, could candidates begin to see benefits in making an early VP choice? If a close race for the top spot on the ticket appears deadlocked coming out of Super Tuesday, the selection of strong second-seater could be a critical tie-breaker, particularly if the fight for the nomination brings delegates from non-binding states (like McMorris Rodgers’ home state of Washington) into play.

For now, McMorris Rodgers said she remains “focused on being the best representative that I can be for the people of Eastern Washington,” and her immediate priority for the presidential race is to fulfill her role as the Washington State chair of Gov. Mitt Romney’s campaign.

“One thing I do know is that we need a new president come November of 2012, and I am full force doing everything I can to help get Gov. Mitt Romney elected,” told Fox News.


[photo credit: republicanconference]


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  1. spike

    I’m hoptng someone will primary her.I live in her district.Bohner tells her to jump and she says,how high,talk about establishment!

  2. Chris Philips

    I’m all for Vice President McMorris Rodgers, but I worry that it may make for unwieldy bumper stickers…
    Maybe they can use first names, like “Mitt and Cathy 2012” or “Rick and Cathy 2012” to counter the “Barack and Hillary 2012” stickers we’ll be seeing on all the Subarus and Volvos around here.

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