Possible Challenger to Cantwell Criticizes President on Martha’s Vineyard Vacation

Former White House spokesman and potential U.S. Senate candidate Scott Stanzel offered President Barack Obama some free public relations advice Thursday. During another tough economic summer, choosing a staycation would be a better way for Obama to show the country he is with them and not above them, Stanzel suggested.

On Politico.com’s discussion forum “The Arena” Stanzel chided the commander-in-chief for his controversial late summer jaunt on a posh Martha’s Vineyard vacation.

“At a time when most Americans can barely afford a vacation that doesn’t involve pitching a tent in their backyard,” Stanzel wrote. “President Obama isn’t doing himself any public relations favors by choosing to vacation in one of the country’s most exclusive and expensive destinations.”

NW Daily Marker originally broke the news that Stanzel — currently a Seattle media and communications consultant — might be considering a run to challenge Sen. Maria Cantwell in 2012. Stanzel confirmed his interest to Roll Call several days later. Stanzel has consistently said that he will not make a decision on coming in to the race until after his September wedding to his bride-to-be who he says is “the woman of my dreams.”

Opinions of his viability range from the firm caution his former White House boss and Fox News contributor Dana Perino gave to those who would underestimate his candidacy, to University of Washington pollster Matt Barreto’s severe handicapping of the race in favor of Cantwell.



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  1. Deryl McCarty


    Neither this blog nor Chris Widener’s on Scott has gotten much response. Scott probably needs to comment on more than just Martha’s Vineyard to start getting traction in our Washington. He ought to consider laying out a tax simplification proposal (tax reduction proposal) and tie it to local shenanigans like car tab increases and the host of state “Fees” promulgated this year by a state legislature and governor desperate to raise revenue without using that “new math” four letter word: taxation.


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